Sharon Cronin

Tattooing Academy

In the course "Hands on Brands" you had to create your own brand. It‘s necessary to find an idea for a special product or service. Then analyzing the competitors. The new brand will be established and finally designed. The aim is highlighting a brand in the actually competition.

This time I thought about the missing education for tattoo artists. You can learn it by doing and in tattoo shops, but it doesn't exist in schools. In schools you could learn about the tattoo history, hygienic standards and different art of tattooing. A student will get a certificate. Maybe a positive side-effect is, that really bad tattoo shops will close in the future, because they can't show this professional education to their customers.

On the upcoming sections you will see just a few extracts. 


In particular, the 10 most important competitors are identified and their company appearances are sighted, evaluated and documented. 


Positioning and strategy

Creating a model of positioning and showing the competitors in it. Next step is to look where and how a new brand could be positioned in a way to differentiate itself from the other brands. Also it has to be found a suitable name and claim for the service. 



Creating the color scheme, scribbling, designing the word and figurative trade mark, and deciding a final solution for the new brand. 



Applying the logo on products that fit to the brand or service.

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